Monday July 8, 2024

Meet Field Care Manager Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson, from Loftus, aged 38, has spent 21 years in the care industry and is now a field care manager at Meadowvale Homecare in Redcar and Cleveland.  

What did you do previously and why the career change? 

“Previously, I worked in hotels and banks, and I had my own pub. I always felt like I would be good at being a care worker, so I took the plunge, and I enjoyed it and kept going.” 

What do you love about your job role? 

“Seeing people in their own homes, knowing that I’ve helped them stay there is why I love my job. The role is very satisfying, knowing that the clients are safe, and at the end of the day we are everything to them, they don’t see anyone, family, friends, nurses, we are everything to them. 

“I love seeing the clients’ faces light up when you walk in the door. I was off for a week recently and one of my clients darted through the kitchen because she hadn’t seen me for a week. It’s just such a lovely job to have.” 

What are the tough sides to the job? 

“I wouldn’t say there is one, we all take each day as it comes. I understand why I’m in this job role. It’s not nice seeing them go through the hard times, especially end of life care, you’re still there until the end. We keep clients calm and remain professional; it does hurt but we all stay strong for the client.” 

What was your perception of the industry before you joined it, and what’s your perception now? 

“Things have progressed since I started in the industry, care is now person centered and high quality. Health and safety within the industry has improved significantly.” 

What would you say to others who are looking to join the industry? 

“It’s a very rewarding job. You can’t be in it for the money and to fulfil your care role you must have the aspect of caring within your personality.” 

What does your typical day look like? 

“My typical day involves inductions, speaking with new staff and training them, observations, spot checks, moving and handling, medication observations, pre-assessments and care plans, on-call, reviews and quality assurances.” 

Is there career progression in the sector? 

“If you’re willing to progress, options are there, Meadowvale Homecare supports that with various NVQ courses, as well as other courses and training.”  

What is one of your favourite memories? 

“It’s always rewarding when you see someone come out of the hospital and see them improve over time and get their independence back. It can be small things that we take for granted like buttering a slice of toast or buttoning their shirts, they all have their goals and when they accomplish them, it’s a big thing.” 

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